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Lost Ring NJ

I am a professional metal detectorist and recovery specialist. I have helped many find lost items such as Jewelry, Car keys, Phones and more at the Beaches of the New Jersey Shore, People’s yards, Gardens, Parks, Lakes and in Shallow water. With my 15 years of metal detecting experience I can help you too!

Types of items I search for:

Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets, Cell Phones, Car/House keys, Hearing aids, Dental fitments, Property markers, Sprinkler heads and much more!

If you lose something don’t wait to call! Follow this checklist to better your chances of getting it back!

1. Do not put it all over social media! There are untrustworthy detectorists that look for easy scores and they will go out to find it and they will keep it!

2. Line yourself up with focal points of where you are when it was lost. Ex. Houses/buildings/landscapes

3.Get GPS coordinates from your phone if possible.

4. Note the time of day when it was lost.

5. Call/Message me!! Willing to travel outside my normal areas!!

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